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In addition to recent posts about whether dogs can smell fear and how to recreate radiation using a skipping rope. Firstly, congratulations to Dr. It was extremely cool and it felt a great honor to have been part of this. Bad luck for Šikšnys, whose paper was rejected by Cell even though it was submitted before those two. Why does that matter?

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Some of the malaria-causing plasmodia can remain dormant in the liver of affected patients and cause recurring infections of the patient months after the initial condition, and what is worse - they are also potentially contagious if a mosquito bites them.

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By bringing the light together from all of them it creates a virtual super telescope. But progess has been made over the years. These have different masses which allows their detection. It could be both the most distant oldest object ever studied, it is believed to have been orbiting since the very early days of the solar system some 4. Most of the dust is born at the Bodele depression in north central Chad at the southern end of the Saharan desert. Some infect humans, other - other animals, some cause slightly different symptoms of the same disease.

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