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Gaslight av Eloise Williams HäftadEngelska, U upp Unamuno, Miguel de Qu'est-ce que la propriété? It covers everything from digitised glass negatives to completely new images. This week, Note to Self gets in our time machine, back to the Supreme Court cases that defined privacy for the digital age. The purpose with these datasets is to provide as much free open museum data as possible — all licensed with CC0. How is Society Possible?

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Transparent star Trace Lysette talks to Manoush about the political nude selfie, her metoo moment, and constructing her self online and IRL.

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Stockholm Transport Museum Contact: In addition, there are a few smaller collections of photos depicting different subjects, such as: There is currently data from 60 countries to play around with and Wikimedia Sverige is working to include many more in the coming months. Skoklosters slott is one of the mayor monuments from the period when Sweden was one of the most powerful countries in Europe. In the right hands, data is more than statistics.

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